Employee of the Month

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  • December Employee of the Month
    Maureen Charpentier

    GM, Trent Gatzke, congratulates our outstanding receptionist, Maureen Charpentier! Maureen is the warm and friendly face, and voice, of Scott Campbell Dodge!

  • November Employee of the Month
    Josh Tiu

    JoSh Tiu, receives recognition from GM, Trent Gatzke, for his infectious smile, excellent customer rapport, and strong work ethic! Josh is a tremendous addition to our sales team and our organization!

  • October Employee of the Month

    This month its a shared recognition for the Clean Up Bay, Robert Coady &Von Aries De Ocampo! These two guys also keep the main lot and the compound in order (no easy task!) They both get pulled in many directions every day. Seems that every department needs a piece of their time, often at the same time! 
    Thanks guys, from all of us!!

  • August Employee of the Month
    Kevin Caisse

    This month we are recognizing Master Technician, Kevin Caisse, for his 10 years of service with Scott Campbell Dodge! It's great to have you on our team, Kevin!

  • July Employee of the Month
    Cherie Batoon

    GM, Trent Gatzke, congratulates Employee of the Month, Cherie Batoon, for her departmental flexibility and for designing systems and procedures that have enhanced our customer service and increased efficiency in the service department. We appreciate your skills and your flexibility!

  • July Employee of the Month
    Monica Sierzycki

    GM Trent Gatzke proudly recognizes Employee of the Month, Monica Sierzycki (Service Advisor), for her many accommodations and "Let's make it work" attitude! Thanks for all you do, Monica! 
    Congrats and appreciation to all the nominees!

  • June Employee of the Month
    Victoria Russell

    GM, Trent Gatzke, recognizes Internet Sales Manager, Victoria Russell, for her exceptional customer relationship skills! Vicky builds excellent rapport with her customers, then follows up with superb after-sales support! She's a significant asset to our organization!

  • May Employee of the Month
    Sean Jacobs

    GM, Trent Gatzke, proudly congratulates Employee of the Month, Sean Jacobs! Sean is recognized (once again) for going above-and-beyond for his customers and co-workers. Congrats to all the nominees! Your contributions and your work ethic are noted and appreciated.

  • April Employee of the Month
    Brandon Demkiw

    General Manager, Trent Gatzke, congratulates Lube Technician, Brandon Demkiw! "Brandon is a true team player with a strong work ethic". Congratulations to all the nominees! You all make a difference for the SCD Team and our customers!

  • March Employee of the Month
    Gary Sheppard

    Trent Gatzke recognizes Parts Advisor, Gary Sheppard, for consistently going above-and-beyond for customers and fellow employees! We all appreciate you Gary!

  • February Employee of the Month
    Vickie Keller

    This month we are celebrating our Assistant Controller, Vickie Keller for her exceptional skills as well as her careful attention to myriad details for the Dealership!

  • January Employee of the Month
    Allen Falconer

    General Manager, Trent Gatzke, congratulates Chrysler Technician, Allen Falconer, for his hard work and dedication in the Service Department.  "Allen is a valuable member of our team and his dedication contributes to our success!"

  • Congrats to Our Master Tech Team!

    Congratulations to our awesome Master Tech Challenge candidates! It is rare for a dealership to have even 2 Techs qualify for this competition as there are only 10 candidates that compete for the entire province. We feel extremely fortunate to have 5 technicians this dedicated to their profession!

  • Dale Carnegie participants

    Dale Carnegie participants-

    Scott Campbell Dodge is very proud of these recent graduates of the Dale Carnegie NOW Course--Darren McIntyre [Service Manager], Tisha Carriere [Controller], Blaine Weber [Pre-Owned Manager]. Each received multiple awards with Tisha Carriere receiving the highest award for the class!