Is Leasing or Financing Right for You?


To finance or to lease, that is the big question.

Both styles of car ownership have different advantages that are important to different drivers. Take some time and read below to consider which category best suits your needs.

How Does Financing Work?

The more traditional route of car ownership. Financing works by having drivers pay monthly payments towards the principal balance of the car. The end goal is a fully owned vehicle, so once the…

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Scott Campbell Dodge Does Diesel Trucks


The hardworking people of Saskatchewan need trucks that work as hard as they do.

The hardworking people of Saskatchewan need trucks that work as hard as they do. It’s for this reason that we’re proud to offer our line of diesel Ram trucks. Whether it’s on the farm, in the field, or on the job site, Ram trucks can work the long days and tow the heavy loads we need them to…

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Why we Love Jeeps


Jeep is one of the most romanticized and envied brands in the world.

It isn’t just one thing that makes the world stop and turn when a sleek Wrangler drives by, but the full package. As Jeep pros, we know why we love them and why our customers do too.

The Jeeper Wave

It’s something that you might not have heard about, and many people don’t believe that it’s real until you experience it. The Jeeper wave is a long-standing phenomenon with unknown origins. Wherever it came from, we love it. The Jeeper wave is what…

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How Trade-In Appraisals Work


Have you ever completed an online trade-in appraisal or requested a value from a dealership when purchasing a new car?

It can often be confusing, but not at Scott Campbell Dodge. We aim to make it as easy as possible to both submit and get a value for your used car or truck

Here’s how it works:

Complete the Form

Our online trade-in application is quick and easy. All you need to do is…

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How Does Vehicle Financing Work?


A vehicle is a major purchase

Like buying a home or purchasing an expensive appliance, financing is a way to ensure you can get what you need without having to pay in full upfront, Luckily, reputable dealerships have professional financial services departments to help you make the decisions that is right for you and your budget.

There are many ways to finance a vehicle, different repayment schedules that provide flexible and affordable monthly payments. With…

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Welcome to the Scott Campbell Dodge Blog


Our outlet to share everything from advice, tips and tricks, but also our latest deals and sales

We believe in our community and we hope that we can help build a relationship with everyone that enters our showroom and even our online world. We want every person who works with us to have a pleasant and efficient car buying experience. We believe that we’re the place where friends send their friends and that’s…

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Get Your Ride Ready for Spring


It’s happening. The snow is melting, the sun is shining and while there is still a chill in the air, it is undeniably Spring.

Seriously, you can check your calendar. Reward yourself and your truck or car for a long winter’s worth of driving, salt, white outs and snow by giving your vehicle a little Spring cleaning. In order to maintain good vehicle health a checkup to nip any issue that may have…

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