Best RAM Truck Accessories

By: Scott Campbell Dodge   |   27 Apr 2021

Interested in personalizing your RAM truck? One of the best parts of being a truck owner is adding accessories that not only make your ride stand out but also enhance its functionality. Folks in North Battleford are all about taking pride in their pickups, and what better way to do so than with incredible upgrades and accessories? Here at Scott Campbell Dodge, we offer an endless variety of RAM truck accessories you're guaranteed to love. Not sure where to start? This article will go over our list of must-have RAM truck accessories!


Bed Accessories

Tonneau Covers

Tonneau covers are hard or soft covers that go over the bed of your truck. Tonneau covers are great for keeping your belongings dry from precipitation and safe from theft, preserving your pickup bed's life cycle, and improving your fuel economy. Plus, they offer a super sleek look!

Tool Boxes

If you’re a contractor, you likely won’t be able to do without a truck-bed toolbox. But you don't have to be a contractor to justify owning one. They allow you to clear out your cab and carry your gear in a weather-tight storage box. Toolboxes for trucks come in two main styles: cross box (also called a saddle box) and chest. Cross boxes are the most popular and the easiest to install. They also let you slide sheet goods under it and access your tools from the side of the truck.


If you often need to carry a few small pieces of cargo in your truck bed, then a truck bed divider is a great solution. This will stop the unnecessary sound of coolers, toolboxes, and other small gear from shifting in your truck bed every time you make a sharp turn.


Tend to get your best work done at night or in the darkness of the early winter mornings? Having truck bed lights installed is always handy for seeing around your cargo space in less-than-ideal conditions.

Interior Accessories

Floor Mats

Floor mats are the best way to protect your car's carpets. Maybe you have pets and kids that go along for a ride, or your job site results in muddy boots. Whatever the case, stains on your carpet are unsightly, and you'll want to keep them clean to reduce the risk of mould or foul smells forming inside the cabin.

Seat Covers

Available in a wide range of colours and designs, seat covers are a great way to keep your truck clean and tidy while also giving it a fresh look. Many options come with storage pockets which are ideal for reducing clutter and keeping your truck neat and organized.

Under-Seat Storage

Do you often carry smaller pieces of equipment or seem to accumulate clutter from everyday life? Under-seat storage boxes are great for keeping those random bits and pieces that pile up in your crew cab out of sight and keeping your truck organized.

Centre Consoles

Upgrade your centre console with added storage and functionality to increase comfort, style, and efficiency. For those who drive long commutes, consider a console with an added cup holder and use it as a place to store smaller items like keys or your cell phone.


Exterior Accessories

Tow Hitches and Receivers

What’s the point of owning a mighty RAM truck without putting its impressive towing capabilities to good use? Whether you’re more interested in towing a boat, a camper, or a trailer full of equipment, a sturdy tow hitch and receiver are essentials for any truck owner.

Air Deflectors

Front air deflectors will protect your hood and windshield from coming in contact with road debris, dirt, and insects during your time on the road.

Side-Step Bars

Side-step bars are helpful for easy entry into your truck while also protecting against any nicks or dents along the way. If you’re feeling fancy, motorized running boards automatically extend when the door is open and fold against the rocker panel when you close the door.

Grille Guard

Grille guard inserts are a fancy touch with added functionality. Available in a vast range of styles, a grille insert serves as excellent protection for your truck against debris, perfect for off-road RAMs.

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