Is it Still Called a Dodge Ram?

By: Scott Campbell Dodge   |   09 Mar 2021

For superfans of RAM pickup trucks, you might already be aware of the complex history that precedes this classic vehicle and its relationship with the Dodge brand. If you’re familiar with the automotive industry, you know how often deals and marketing strategies occur, and the confusion that can result among consumers. For a lot of folks, the saga of the Dodge Ram vs. RAM might require a little history lesson.

Many still beg the question: is it still a Dodge Ram? In this article, we’ll get into a detailed timeline of the Chrysler Group’s restructuring of the Dodge brand and the RAM’s official departure, stepping into a spotlight all its own!


Dodge and Ram: A History Lesson

Dodge has been known historically as one of the heavy hitters during the formative years of the automotive industry. Founded as the "Dodge Brothers Company" in 1900, their inventory has consisted mainly of trucks and full-sized passenger cars since 1914. In 1928 Chrysler purchased the company, merging it with the Chrysler Group and preserving its original branding. Cars, trucks and vans continued to be the primary vehicles in production throughout the 20th century, and in 1981, the first Dodge Ram truck was born.

“Ram” was originally the name given to that particular Dodge model, a full-sized light-duty D-Series pickup truck. At one point there was also an SUV called the Dodge Ramcharger, as well as the Dodge Ram Van - catchy, we know! Fun fact: before the retirement of the Dodge D Series pickup trucks and B-series vans, you could see that Dodge actually used the ram’s head hood ornament on some trucks from as early as 1933!

RAM Goes Solo

In 2009, the Dodge brand underwent a total restructuring at the hands of the Chrysler Group. While cars and vans remained under the Dodge nameplate, all the trucks were rebranded as RAM trucks and would be referred to as such moving forward. The reasoning behind this decision was to allow both brands to focus more intently on developing innovations for their respective industries. The Dodge brand could now dedicate their efforts towards amplifying classic sedans and muscle cars - think Dodge Challengers! In the same vein, the newly established RAM brand could focus on creating and marketing one of the most cutting-edge and powerful pickup trucks of all time, like the RAM 1500 and RAM 2500. By 2010 RAM became its own stand-alone division of Stellantis, previously Fiat Chrysler.


If you're confused about how to properly refer to the RAM or its Dodge counterpart, let Scott Campbell Dodge set the record straight. If your RAM was manufactured in 2010 or beyond, you've got a RAM truck on your hands. Any model prior to 2010, is in fact, a Dodge.

“Dodge and RAM are divisions of the same company, so the distinction is more about marketing than it is about anything else. If you refer to a new FCA pickup truck as a “Dodge Ram,” you’re technically incorrect, but you’re still communicating effectively. If you call it a RAM, you’re being accurate. FCA will be happy either way, as long as you’re considering their truck when it comes time to buy a new vehicle.The capitalization is a marketing stylization and is applied somewhat inconsistently by RAM itself. Grammatically, it’s incorrect — all caps indicates an acronym, like GM, BMW or FIAT.”


Current RAM Lineup at Scott Campbell

Today, the RAM truck has undoubtedly made a name for itself, entirely separate from the Dodge brand. With an impressive lineup that includes the full-size RAM 1500 and the heavy-duty RAM 2500, these powerful pickups are dominating the game. At Scott Campbell Dodge, we know just how much folks in The Battlefords treasure their trucks. So, in case you were wondering, yes, we do welcome both of these popular RAM models onto our lot - plus many more! Browse our exciting inventory of RAM trucks and give us a call at 1 (888) 804-0080 to set up a test drive!


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