Is Your RAM Truck Ready for Winter?

By: Scott Campbell Dodge   |   27 Nov 2020
2021 RAM 1500

Folks from The Battlefords understand that there’s important work to be done 365-days a year, and it doesn’t get put on hold just because of some bad weather. This year, make sure your dependable RAM 1500 is ready to take on unpredictable Northern Saskatchewan weather by outfitting it with winter-specific accessories from Scott Campbell Dodge. Sure, things like snow tires are a winter essential for any Canadian truck owner - but we’re talking about the gear that will help make winter life easier, safer and a whole lot more comfortable this season.

It’s Snow-Tire Season!

Let’s start with the basics: snow tires are a must for ensuring that your RAM can conquer nasty winter weather with ease. Up in the Canadian North, we know better than anyone how quickly winter snowstorms can roll in, so it’s important to be prepared. Our Service Department technicians can help you find the right snow tires for your specific model of RAM truck, and install ‘em for you too. Short on time? Our new Mobile Services might be right for you. Simply book a convenient appointment time, and we’ll come install your RAM’s winter boots right in your garage. Not only do snow tires greatly improve the performance of your vehicle in snowy and icy conditions, but they’re also an essential part of safer winter driving. Help keep our Saskatchewan roads safe by installing your snow tires as soon as the temperature is regularly hovering below 7-degrees.

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Winter Accessories for RAM Trucks

There’s a whole lot more in the world of truck accessories than just snow tires! We’ve put together a short list of some of our most popular upgrades and accessories to help get your RAM truck ready for winter:

Box Covers. We can’t think of anything much worse than having to shovel out (or de-ice!) your truck bed just to get to your tool box. Keep your gear warm, dry and easily accessible with folding box covers. Bonus: box covers are great in rainy and muddy conditions, too!

Cold Weather Kit for Diesels. RAM has a unique Grille Cover Kit specifically designed to help RAM trucks with a diesel engine warm up faster in frigid temps.

Mud Flaps and All-Weather Mats. Protect your truck inside and out from damage caused by salt, ice and rocks with mud flaps over the tires, and durable all-weather interior floor mats.

Running Boards and Side Steps. We like the idea of adding running boards and side steps to pickup trucks for the winter, as they help with safer entry/exit from the vehicle - especially if you find yourself standing on a slippery surface.

Remote Start and Heated Seats. After a long day at the steam plant or the farm, you want to get into your RAM and feel like it’s a cozy haven. Make sure your truck is at peak warmth before you even open the door with remote start, and take a few minutes to sink into comfort with heated seats.

Accessories for Weekend Fun. You didn’t think that we’d only talk about work-day winter accessories, did you? If there is one thing that folks from The Battlefords know how to do, it’s work hard and play even harder! Upgrade your trailer hitch so you can enlist all of RAM's 12,500-pound towing capacity to haul some snowmobiles or an all-season RV into the Saskatchewan backcountry.

RAM Truck in snow

Get Your RAM Winter-Ready with Scott Campbell Dodge

Here at Scott Campbell Dodge, we are passionate about all things RAM. That’s why our team is standing by to help you get your RAM 1500, 2500 or 3500 ready to tackle another wild Saskatchewan winter! Get to the jobsite safely, and have the confidence to tow a trailer into the wilderness for some winter adventures - the possibilities are endless with RAM’s offering of versatile and fun truck accessories. Give us a call to chat with one of our team members about outfitting your RAM truck this winter. Still looking for the perfect truck for life in The Battlefords? Be sure to check-out our inventory of best-selling RAM pickup trucks!

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