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We know that a vehicle doesn’t have to be new to be great. At Scott Campbell Dodge, we are dedicated to helping our customers find the car, SUV, or truck that is right for them—whether it be new or used. A gently-loved vehicle can offer all of the comforts, reliability, and stamina of a new car, but at a fraction of the cost! If you care more about overall quality than numbers on a speedometer, be sure to check out our constantly-updated inventory of pre-owned vehicles.

What We Offer

To provide you with the best selection, we thoroughly vet each and every vehicle that comes through our lot, allowing only the top-notch specimens to make it to the public.

This process stems from our firm belief that quality is a standard feature on a Scott Campbell vehicle -- Dodge or not! Though we specialize in providing service to the traditional Dodge line-up (Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, and Ram), we will do whatever it takes to keep your used car, truck, or SUV up and running, no matter the make or model.


The Difference Certified Makes

Used cars can be great -- they’re significantly cheaper than new vehicles and, with the proper service, they can last for years. But buying used can feel like a gamble when you don’t know about the car’s past! That’s where certified pre-owned vehicles come in. Called CPOs for short, these rides have undergone vigorous inspections and their histories have been scoured by their manufacturers. CPOs generally have lower kilometers and are in much better condition than other used vehicles.

Another perk to certified pre-owned cars, trucks, and SUVs over standard used vehicles is that CPOs tend to come with much better warranty options. This means you receive coverage to give you peace of mind when taking on new-to-you wheels.

Affordability Commitment

At Scott Campbell Dodge, another one of our founding principles is to make sure our clients get the best deals out there. Our goal is to get customers driving home in vehicles they love -- and at prices they can afford! That’s why our finance team works with you to come up with a financial solution that will have you feeling good about your new car and your wallet!

For anyone in North Battleford, Wilkie or Saskatoon, when you need a pre-owned vehicle, your first click, call, or drop-in should be at Scott Campbell Dodge -- where amazing service is a standard part of the experience!
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